Do I need to be in a Guild?

Do I need to be in a Guild?

The screen industry has developed through a combination of educational institutions, screen agencies, organisations such as Mercury CX and the range of screen guilds, supporting the development and rights of creatives and craftspeople.  

Guilds, societies and professional associations play an important part in advancing and championing the needs of practitioners in the industry. 

Collaborating with each other on initiatives such as Make It Australian, and with state agencies and other stakeholders for initiatives such as the COVID-safe production protocols, guilds support the needs of screen creatives.  

Mercury CX works closely with the key screen guilds within Australia to partner on professional development opportunities and to ensure that current and emerging issues that impact the screen industry are taken into account in the development of key programs and events such as Screenmakers and the upcoming SASAFEST. 

Depending on your career path and stage of professional development, guilds will offer different resources and benefits. For emerging practitioners, guilds offer the opportunity to network through events, along with resources for getting started in your career.  

Getting started in the Australian screen industry

Getting started in the Australian screen industry

You’ve studied production and are ready to make your mark. Or you’ve got the first draft of a script but haven’t figured out how to connect with a producer. Or you’re an experienced creative wanting to move into a different field. 

There’s a lot of information out there but it can be hard to figure out where to begin. And asking a question in a Facebook group might have sent you on a goose chase. 

Here are six essential screen industry resources for film, television, web and gaming in Australia.  

Screen Australia: Starting In The Industry 

Screen Australia is the leading government agency for the screen industry in Australia. It is a comprehensive and essential resource for information about every aspect of the screen industry, development, production, distribution and investment.  

Whatever your entry point into the screen industry in Australia, this resource from Screen Australia will help you navigate the range of options as either a creative or craft specialist. 

South Australian Film Corporation 

South Australian Film Corporation (SAFC), is the lead industry body for the development, support and promotion of South Australia’s screen industries, delivering funding and support for over 40 years to a vibrant mix of South Australian productions.  

The South Australian Film Corporation has a number of resources to help learn more about production in this state. Mercury CX partners with SAFC on key initiatives focussed on emerging creatives.  

Other state agencies 

Like SAFC, each state and territory has its own screen agency. A major role for each agency is supporting the development of productions that will bring investment into the state, create opportunities and build the development of the screen industry. If you’re outside South Australia, your state agency may have resources to help early career.   

Screen NSW 

Film Victoria 

Screen Queensland 

Screen Tasmania 


Screen Canberra 

Screen Territory 

Screen guilds and professional associations 

Guilds in Australia have programs and membership options to support emerging practitioners and some include student options. With a combination of resources, events and professional development options, explore what your guild can offer you.   


Mercury CX 

And, welcome to Mercury CX. With decades of experience in helping emerging creatives find their voice and their feet, we have a range of ways to support you. Explore our professional development options and as a MCX Member, plan a consultation to discover the next step for your career. In addition to being a key part of the industry in South Australia, our programs including the Screenmakers Conference also attract participants, speakers and industry leaders from across Australia.  

Plus… industry publications 

Keeping informed about the industry is an important part of being ready to take the next step. Here are three of the must-read trade publications in Australia.  

IF magazine 


TV Tonight 




Mercury CX is presenting a new chapter in its long history of supporting screen in its 46th year

The Media Resource Centre (MRC) was established by a group of dedicated filmmakers in 1974 to support film and video production and exhibition in Adelaide and South Australia. Its emergence was part of a wider movement that also led to the creation of the South Australian Film Corporation (SAFC), the Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS), the drama centre at Flinders University, and the beginnings of media studies in high schools around the country.

Although forced to scale back during 2020’s COVID-19 situation, Mercury CX still delivered a range of innovative programs for emerging screen professionals.

From the lock-down film competition CABIN FEVER, to Screenmakers Connect, Australia’s first online conference for the emerging industry sector, and an all-digital South Australian Screen Awards, Mercury CX has found ways to deliver opportunties to learn and create.

This year sees new workshops, development opportunities and a refreshed membership system that brings together our iconic Mercury Cinema and our professional development into a more aligned package for all lovers of story.

We look forward to seeing you here.

Quicksilver built to support local film makers

Quicksilver built to support local film makers

In researching the factors that led to success in screen careers, the Mercury CX identified production opportunities as one of the most-cited features of professional development.

Drawing on the depth of experience through the highly successful PIP production funding, in 2021, Mercury CX will introduce the Quicksilver Production Fund. There have been a number of highly successful shorts delivered or aided through this program.

This initiative is open to emerging practitioners at different stages in their career pathway.  Selection is competitive and will be based on the strength of the script and the career-building opportunity for the creative team.  

In 2021, there will be a strong focus on support for production-ready projects. Whilst not limited to participants in the new Springboard Plus program, this 12-week program will provide potential Quicksilver applicants a range of ways to prepare a project for the formal development processes.

Applications will open mid-year.