The screen industry has developed through a combination of educational institutions, screen agencies, organisations such as Mercury CX and the range of screen guilds, supporting the development and rights of creatives and craftspeople.  

Guilds, societies and professional associations play an important part in advancing and championing the needs of practitioners in the industry. 

Collaborating with each other on initiatives such as Make It Australian, and with state agencies and other stakeholders for initiatives such as the COVID-safe production protocols, guilds support the needs of screen creatives.  

Mercury CX works closely with the key screen guilds within Australia to partner on professional development opportunities and to ensure that current and emerging issues that impact the screen industry are taken into account in the development of key programs and events such as Screenmakers and the upcoming SASAFEST. 

Depending on your career path and stage of professional development, guilds will offer different resources and benefits. For emerging practitioners, guilds offer the opportunity to network through events, along with resources for getting started in your career.