Sam Matthews is a director who established her career in the film industry in post-production. She is co-owner of creative production agency Beyond Content and works across a variety of projects as a director, editor, colourist and animator.

Projects aiming to increase the diversity of characters on our screens often consult with Sam. These are opportunities for her to raise greater public awareness of queer and transgender identities. In 2017, Sam directed ‘Unboxed’, an award-winning 6-part documentary series about trans artists for the ABC’s Art Bites initiative.

Her recent post credits include My Name is Gulpilil (2021, colourist, dir. Molly Reynolds), The Rover of Tobruk (2021, editor/animator, dir. Stephen de Villiers) Aquaphobe (2020, editor/colourist, dir. Melanie Easton), Yer Old Faither (2020, colourist, dir. Heather Croall), Damage (2020, colourist, dir. Madeleine Blackwell), Getting Their Acts Together (2020, colourist/animator, dir. Richard Jasek) and Lucy & DiC (2019, colourist, dir. Jeremy Kelly-Bakker).