Seph McKenna

Head of Australian Production – Roadshow

Seph McKenna is an 11-year veteran of the Australian-owned major distributor, Roadshow Films. He is the Head of Australian Production at Roadshow and is interested in outstanding Australian stories with broad commercial appeal. It would be challenging to argue that Roadshow is not the world’s leading expert on selling Australian films to Australian audiences, judging by their long history and stellar box office results from Australian hits such as Red Dog, Paper Planes, Oddball, Mao’s Last Dancer, and Bran Nue DaeThe always-positive Seph believes that Australians embrace feel-good Australian stories with gusto.  Currently, as Roadshow moves closer to partnering directly with producers, Seph is working on a number of titles in development written to amuse and delight, including the English language remake of Rams, The Bridge, Go-Karts!, Pub-Crawl, and THE Ghan.  Seph is recently returned from New York City where he was working on Life Itself, a feature from Dan Fogelman, series creator and show runner of This Is Us.

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