Jacqueline Elaine

Australian Writers Guild - CEO

Jacqueline Elaine is the Group CEO of the Australian Writers’ Guild, the Australian Writers’ Guild Authorship Collecting Society, and Scripted Ink. She sits on the Audiovisual Executive Committee of the International Confederation of Authors and Composers Societies (CISAC). Her previous executive positions include Director of the Whitlam Institute, Director of the European Network on Debt and Development, Director of Marketing and Communications for CARE Australia and Director Development, World Development Movement. Jacqueline was Vice Chair of the Board of the Australian Copyright Council, Chair of the Board of Jubilee Australia and the Jubilee Research Institute, Chair of TREEAID, Founding member of CIDESC – an International Centre on Social Cultural and Economic Rights and Member of the Board of the National Foundation for Australian Women. Jacqueline has a Masters in International Studies – International Law and Economics from the University of London SOAS.

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