Enzo Tedeschi

Film Director, Producer & Writer

An award-winning Australian filmmaker, Enzo is known for his bold approaches to storytelling, emerging media and digital content. Over the last 10 years, Enzo co-produced the controversial indie feature documentary Food Matters, which has, alongside its follow-up Hungry For Change, globally become synonymous as benchmarks in the wellbeing industry.

Enzo joined forces with Julian Harvey to write, produce and edit the crowdfunded horror feature film The Tunnel. An innovative approach to funding and distribution saw The Tunnel screen in cinemas internationally despite being freely available to view online. The film reached a global audience of 15 million, and garnered Tedeschi and Harvey the Screen Producers Association of Australia Award for Breakthrough Independent Producers of the Year in 2011.

Enzo was Executive Producer on The Crossing, a feature adventure documentary that won the Audience Award at Sydney Film Festival. Enzo also created Event Zero, a multi-award-winning online series, and Airlock, a science-fiction series which premiered on Foxtels’s SyFy Channel. Enzo was also a co-creator and segment director of A Night Of Horror Volume 1 along with Sydney horror film festival director Dean Bertram.

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