Andrea Fraser

Writer/ Director/ Producer
Andrea is a Waanyi woman from her mothers family and a Birri Gubba from her father family.
Originally born in Townsville, Andrea started her career in Aboriginal media in 2005 in Alice Springs.
Andrea is an emerging Aboriginal Filmmaker/Writer/ Director/ Producer and Co-host of Nunga Wangga Radio Show based in Adelaide. Andrea is a passionate story teller and has worked in Indigenous community media and video production for over 10 years.
In 2015 she celebrated the launch of her first documentary on NITV titled “Just Harry”, a sincere look into the life of an Aboriginal Transgender man transitioning from male to female.  

Artist statement

My passion is to expose the amazing lives of Indigenous people, especially those whose sexuality and age prevents them from using their talent. In particular I am interested in how truth is influenced by image and how indigenous gay women have been represented in film and media.  I would like to create gay guerrilla artwork from a race perspective.

The unconditional love shown from Harry Senior, the father of the subject of the documentary, is inspirational.
The issues raised in the documentary need to be talked about and understood- especially for young people and their families. It’s great to see Harry Junior, an Aboriginal person highlighting the ‘big white elephant’


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