Andrea Fraser


Andrea is a Waanyi woman from her mother’s family and a Birri Gubba from her father’s family. Originally born in Townsville, Andrea started her career in Aboriginal media in 2005 in Alice Springs.

Andrea is an emerging Aboriginal Filmmaker/Writer/ Director/ Producer and co-host of Nunga Wangga Radio Show based in Adelaide. Andrea is a passionate story teller and has worked in Indigenous community media and video production for over 10 years.

Having started out in the news room of CAAMA Radio in Alice Springs Andrea’s big passion is to encourage the amazing talents of Aboriginal people. Between 2013 – 2014 Andrea wrote and directed a series of National Indigenous Ear Health Campaign videos for SA Health & Ageing which were nominated for a SA Community Contribution nomination. In 2015 she celebrated the launch of her first documentary on NITV titled Just Harry, a sincere look into the life of an Aboriginal Transgender man transitioning from male to female.

In 2016 Andrea joined Tutti’s Sit Down Shut Up and Watch team as a guest media artist/film maker. The experience has “enriched my skills as a Filmmaker and also in just being a better human being.”

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