Alan Crabbe

Co-founder and Director of Pozible

Alan is the co-founder and Director of Pozible. Alan introduced Crowdfunding to Australia and Asia pacific. With his background in web application design, Alan and his co-founder built the Pozible platform that is used by thousands of creators to fund new creative projects and ideas. The site has hosted thousands of projects in Australia alone and distributed over $55 million to creative individuals, groups and organisations since it launched in 2010.

Alan is a big advocate for opening up private equity investment in high growth companies through Crowdfunding. Working in consultation with the Australian government, a bill was recently passed to facilitate it through intermediaries like Pozible.

Alan previously worked in a range of roles in tech start-up companies in the UK before moving to Australia in 2007. Alan started his entrepreneurial journey through a coin out company from Queen’s University in N. Ireland where he studied Business and Information Technology.

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