#SMC19 is this week! How exciting! In order to get the most out of the two days, read on to learn more about the creators and executives speaking at this year’s conference. We’ve collated a range of resources for you to read, watch – and most importantly – enjoy.

Check the SMC program to see which sessions the speakers are featuring in.

E. Bennett Walsh, producer
He has collated an impressive back catalogue of films in which he has served in a producer and an executive producer role. Some of the most prominent of these include:
Kill Bill: vol 1 (executive producer), 2003 – view on Stan
Kill Bill: vol 2 (executive producer), 2004 – view on Stan
After Earth (executive producer), 2013 – view on Netflix
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (executive producer), 2014 – view on Netflix
Men in Black: International (executive producer), 2019 – currently showing in cinemas


Nicole Rogers, Fremantle Media
Nicole Rogers is a Supervising Executive Producer at Fremantle Media. Fremantle Media has produced some very successful Australian shows, including:
Neighbours, 1985 – present – view on 10play
Australia’s Got Talent, 2007 – present – view on 7plus
The X Factor Australia, 2010 – 2016 – view on YouTube
Grand Designs Australia, 2012 – present – view on Lifestyle
Wentworth, 2013 – present – view on Foxtel
The Great Australian Bake Off, 2013 – present – view on Lifestyle Food
Family Feud Australia, 2014 – 2018 – view on YouTube
Ready for Takeoff, 2015 – 2016 – view on Lifestyle
Picnic at Hanging Rock, 2018 – view on Foxtel
Take Me Out, 2018 – view on 7 Plus
Escape from the City, 2018 – present – view on ABC iview
Celebrity Name Game, 2019 – present – view on 10play


Rob Gibson, Easy Tiger Productions
Rob Gibson was appointed CEO of Easy Tiger Productions in early 2019. The titles he oversaw whilst working at Stan include No Activity (2015 – present), Wolf Creek (2016 – 2017), and Boom (2019), and are all available to stream on Stan.


Nick Murray, CJZ Productions
Nick Murray is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of CJZ. Current programming produced by the company includes:
Undercurrent, 2019 – view on 7plus
The Good Cop, 2019 – view on Foxtel
The Amazing True Story of How Babies Are Made, 2019 – view on the Amazing Babies website
Christians Like Us, 2019 – view on SBS
Marry Me, Marry My Family, 2017 – present – view on CJZ website
Bondi Rescue, 2006 – present – view on 10play
Gruen, 2008 – present – view on ABC website
Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery, 2013 – present – view on ABC website


Julie Ryan, Cyan Films
Julie Ryan is a producer of numerous award winning and financially successful films. She is also the founder of Cyan Films, an Adelaide based production company. Just a few of the most notable works she served on as a producer are: Hotel Mumbai (2018), Red Dog (2011), and Ten Canoes (2006). Along with these, Ryan also serves as a producer on the upcoming Australian film H is for Happiness (2019). An extensive overview of Julie Ryan’s work, along with the titles produced by Cyan Films, can be found on the Cyan Films website. CityMag wrote about Julie Ryan and her tips on movie making, in April this year.


Todd Abbott, Guesswork TV
In 2018, Todd Abbott was appointed the Director of Programs and Development at Guesswork TV. Guesswork TV has produced numerous Australian programs, of which Todd Abbot has overseen as a part of his role, including:
Nanette, 2018 – view on Netflix
Please like Me, 2013 – 2016 – view on Netflix
Rosehaven, 2016 – present – view on ABC website
Get Krack!n’, 2017 – present – view on ABC iview
The Weekly with Charlie Pickering, 2015 – present – view on ABC website
Hard Quiz, 2016 – present – view on ABC iview


Nathan Mayfield, Hoodlum Entertainment
Nathan Mayfield is the Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at Hoodlum Entertainment . His creative mind contributed to the production of the first ever Australian produced Netflix serial: Tidelands. View on Netflix. Here is an article by the Gladstone Observer, in which Nathan Mayfield and his Hoodlum Entertainment co-founder, Tracey Robertson discuss the process of pitching Tidelands to the streaming giant.

Hoodlum also produced these two series on free-to-air Australian TV:
Five Bedrooms, 2019 – view on 10play
Harrow, 2018 – present – view on ABC iview


Alistair Baldwin
Alistair Baldwin is a screenwriter and a comic, based in Melbourne. He has Bachelor in Screenwriting (Honours) with an academic focus on disability representation on Australian screens. His comedic work and prowess have landed him jobs working and writing on season 4 of The Weekly with Charlie Pickering, season 4 of Hard Quiz, and season 2 of Get Krack!n’.

The Weekly with Charlie Pickering, 2015 – present – view on ABC website
Hard Quiz, 2016 – present – view on ABC iview
Get Krack!n’, 2017 – present – view on ABC iview


Closer Productions
Matthew Cormack, Rebecca Summerton, Matt Vesely and Bryan Mason, all from Adelaide-based Closer Productions, are speaking at #SMC19. Closer Productions’ work includes:
52 Tuesdays (writer), 2013 – view here
Fucking Adelaide, (writer), 2017 – view on ABC iview
Animals (script editor), 2019 – screened at the Adelaide Film Festival Pop Up in April, and the Sydney Film Festival in June
The Hunting, 2019, four-part SBS drama. The first episode of which will be screened on Friday at the Screen Makers Conference (How exciting!) Read more about it on IF. 


Anna Vincent, Southern Light Alliance Films
Anna Vincent is a producer and the co-founder of Southern Light Alliance (SLA). SLA produced the 2019 film I Am Mother. Shot locally here in Adelaide, the film is now streaming on Netflix.


Brett Sleigh, ABC Drama and Comedy
Brett Sleigh served for four seasons in the script department of Blue Heelers and worked at SBS Television working across their slate of feature films, drama, animation, and comedy titles. He then joined the ABC in the role of Executive Producer, Entertainment & Specialist. He has worked on various productions during his time at ABC in both the development and production stages. Some of these that you can access now include:
Please Like Me, 2013 – 2016 – view on Netflix
Jack Irish, 2012 – present – view on ABC website
Sammy J and Randy in Ricketts Lane, 2015 – view on ABC iview
Glitch, 2015 – present – view on Netflix
Rosehaven, 2016 – present – view on ABC website
Get Krack!n’, 2017 – present – view on ABC iview
Pine Gap, 2018 – view on Netflix
Harrow, 2018 – present – view on ABC iview


Julie Hanna, ABC Factual
Julie Hanna has worked extensively as an Executive Producer, Series Producer and Director across a wide range of genres. Recent and accessible commissions of hers include:
Back in Time for Dinner, 2018 – view on ABC iview
Anh’s Brush with Fame, 2016 – present – view on ABC iview
Aftermath: Beyond Black Saturday, 2019 – view on ABC iview
Ask the Doctor, 2017 – present – view on ABC iview 

In 2016, wrote this article about Julie Hanna’s appointment to the ABC.


Colin Thrupp, Screentime
Colin Thrupp is an Executive Producer and Head of Screentime in SA, a production company with an impressive list of award-winning productions in its catalogue. These include:
Pine Gap, 2018 – view on Netflix
The Underbelly franchise, 2008 – 2013 – view on Stan
Fat Tony & Co., 2014 – view on Stan
Playing for Keeps, 2018 – present – view on 10play
Wolf Creek, 2016 – 2017 – view on Stan
Janet King, 2014 – present – view on ABC iview
ANZAC Girls, 2014 – view on ABC website


Mitchell Stanley, No Coincidence Media
A producer at No Coincidence Media, Mitchell Stanley has completed writing an upcoming documentary titled Servant or Slave. Outside of his work at No Coincidence Media, Stanley had previously written, produced, and directed his debut short film Aesop’s Way. He also produced another short film that year, The Biggest Port. Both films garnered success and were accepted into the Shorts Film Festival in Adelaide for 2011. He produced Colour Theory with Richard Bell a documentary series broadcast on NITV and SBS. It received ‘pick of the week’ awards in The Australian and The Herald, along with outstanding reviews in Melbourne’s The Age. View it now on the SBS website.


Dena Curtis, Inkey Media
Dena Curtis is a filmmaker who independently owns and operates her own production company, Inkey Media. One of Curtis’s most successful projects to date is the Logie-nominated children’s television series Grace Behind Me, which she developed and produced. View it now on ABC iview. Read IF’s 2019 article, ‘Filmmaker Dena Curtis on bridging the gap’.


Peta Astbury-Bulsara, For Pete’s Sake Productions

Peta Astbury- Buslara is a prolific Australian producer who most notably has produced and worked on The Heights a serialised drama for the ABC. The serial is produced in collaboration with Matchbox Pictures and Peta’s own production company For Pete’s Sake Productions. View it now on ABC iview.

And here are some articles written about the series:
Screenhub – ‘The ABC of screenwriting as demonstrated by ABC’s The Heights
The Conversation – ‘The Heights: at last a credible Australian working class soap’
The Guardian – ‘The Heights review – finally, a warm, complex and credible Australian soap opera


Julie Kalceff, Common Language Films
Julie Kalceff is an AFTRS graduate who created, wrote, directed, and produced the web series Starting From Now. Amassing over 125 million views, and watched in more than 230 countries, the series has found huge success, with seasons 4 & 5 broadcast on Australian television. View it here on the Starting From Now website.

Kalceff was commissioned in 2017 by the ABC to write and direct First Day, a stand-alone television episode about a 12-year-old transgender girl starting high school. The short film won the MIPCOM Diversity TV Excellence Award for Kids’ Programming and the Gender Equity Prize at the prestigious Prix Jeunesse International Children’s Television Festival. You can view it online at the moment as it is a finalist in the Social Shorts competition, which closes on 28 July. First Day has now been commissioned as a four-part children’s television series, shot in Adelaide. Read IF’s recent article about First Day’s production as a series.


Author: Brennan Lockwood