Triptych Pictures

Production Company

Julie Byrne, Producer at Triptych Pictures, will be receiving pitches.

Triptych Pictures has a broad slate of projects across film and television. Our slate has projects in many genres including psychological thriller, mystery, drama, comedy, grounded science fiction and horror.

Several of our projects are adaptations of acclaimed novels from Australia and the US as we respond to stories that have an existing audience and have worked in another medium. While our focus is predominantly on Australian productions, in recent years we have developed relationships with US production companies and key creatives and have a number of US set projects.

In considering projects for our slate, we really look for distinctive stories, which are great examples of their genre and contain strong central or ensemble characters. We look for projects that are aimed at the international market and that have a clear audience in mind.

Very importantly, we are looking for exciting key creative talent to collaborate with.  Directors and writers who have built a strong body of work that can demonstrate their style and voice, and sympatico producers for co-production opportunities

With first time directors making the step into features, we would be looking at those with a strong festival track record or who have built an audience online (such as YouTube stars, the Racka Racka who are developing a feature film with us).

With writers, we look for demonstration of past produced scripts and/or previous development support.  Scripts in late stage development are desirable, but we also commission projects and work from the ground up if an experienced writer brings us a strong project at concept stage.

In terms of budget, in the main we are looking at features in the $2m to $10m range, even though we have one film in development well above 10m and one that is ultra-low budget. With television, budgets are as the project demands.