This year, for the first time, the conference offers producers and content creators the opportunity to submit a project to pitch to marketplace representatives.

Submissions must be made to the MRC and projects will be pre-selected for pitching. There is a limited number of pitching slots available and the process will be competitive. Please note, we are seeking market ready pitches only.

General pitching instructions:

  • Register to attend SMC 2017
  • Research the network, producers, platform or distributor so you know what they’re looking for and tailor your pitch accordingly
  • Pitching slots are 10 minutes each – 5 min pitch maximum to leave enough time for discussion
  • Submit your pitch Here by Monday 20 July by 5pm

Please Note: because each market representative is after different criteria and projects.

Submission Requirements:

Please note that each broadcaster or distributor are looking for unique projects with specific criteria, so please ensure you address each requirement in your submission. What we do want is a sharp, concise and well considered pitch tailored to a specific audience and network.

Maximum 1-page concept document that includes:

  • Who you are pitching to
  • Project Title
  • Genre, Format, Duration
  • One Sentence Log line
  • Half page synopsis or overview that describes the theme, story concept and characters
  • One paragraph biography of applicant
  • A link to any supporting visual material ie: teaser

Please Note: Due to the large volume of applicants we are expecting we will only consider pitches where the forms have been correctly filled out and all criteria has been met.

Assessment Criteria:

  • The strength and originality of the concept
  • Is it what the market representative has indicated they are after ie : don’t pitch a documentary project to Foxtel – Drama

General Information :

General information on pitching to the networks see here

Please submit your application by clicking on this link

SCREENTIME – Production Company- Pitching Closed

Jennifer Collins- Non Fiction, Narrative Comedy and Drama

Pitching Friday 28 July 1.45-2.30 

One of Australia’s leading entertainment executives, Jennifer Collins is Screentime’s Head of Non-Fiction. You can also pitch narrative Comedy and Drama projects to Jennifer.

Screentime is open to hearing pitches for both non fiction and fiction/comedy TV series.  In particular, she’s looking for projects with unique access and strong creative ideas and teams.  Screentime are best known for Janet King, Anh’s Brush with Fame, and Underbelly

See their website here http://www.screentime.com.au/

DISCOVERY NETWORKS ASIA PACIFIC- Broadcaster –Pitching Open contact the conference

Thierry Bled- Executive Producer

Pitching Saturday 29 July 2.00-3.30pm 

Discovery Australia is looking to commission local real world entertainment content that engages and connects with young men.

SPACES TO EXPLORE – Extreme Jobs, Adventure & Survival, Psychology, Achievers, Pop Science,Tech & Innovation and Turbo.

THE CURRENCY KINGS – We want presenters who are influencers, crusaders, real dealers, dream chasers. Our latest audience research shows that a lively and credible presenter(s) or insider(s) who have authority and expertise are ideal to connect with our audience – think Anthony Bourdain, Jeremy Wade, Mike Rowe, Louis Theroux and yes of course, Bear Grylls. Age & gender don’t matter.


  • Brain Snacks – Take-away facts from the real-world.
  • Active entertainment. Being involved & close to the subject. Nothing passive!
  • A strong dramatic narrative trajectory; a question to be answered, mission or challenge to completed, a problem to be solved.
  • Multi-faceted and suspenseful storytelling.
  • Australian stories.


We want content that has the aesthetic of being raw, unguarded, embedded and as natural as possible. The content should dictate the form, rather than the reverse.

Some Examples

  • Doing pushups with every man as he tries to cut it as a French Foreign Legionnaire (Todd Sampson’s Body Hack)
  • Hanging with pimps & hookers (60 Days In)
  • Getting the unfiltered POV from body cam footage of a solider in Afghanistan (Taking Fire)
  • Sitting shoulder-to-shoulder at the defense table with lawyers (Making A Murderer)
  • Being knee deep in the water with the fisherman (River Monsters)
  • Seeing celebrities scared senseless (Running Wild with Bear Grylls)

See Discovery Australia website here

For more information on what Discovery is looking for go here 

XYZ Films – Sales Agent- Pitching Open contact the conference

Pitching – Fri 28 July 3.30-5pm 

XYZ Films specialises in director-driven elevated genre, an umbrella term which includes feature film genres such as sci-fi, thriller, crime drama, horror, action, black comedy etc. Films which take a heightened approach to story and character and overall execution, and which aspire to premiere at one of the A-list or major genre festivals.

XYZ works with both established and emerging directors, and with the latter we look for a strong body of previous work such as shorts, music videos, TVCs, webseries, or other feature work. We’re less drawn to concept pitches and spec scripts than we are to strong filmmakers who excite us with bold and visceral work.

FOXTEL Australian Subscription Television Network- Pitching Closed

Drama Development Executive – Carly Heaton

Drama – Showcase

Pitching Friday 28 July 11-12.30pm

Foxtel seeks returning series or short runs and looks for:

  • High concept stories
  • High production values
  • The ability to attract big names in front of and behind the camera
  • Unique stories and worlds that can’t be found on Free to Air TV, e.g. why would people pay for something they can get for free.

Research their channels and the kinds of shows they commission. Previous and current drama series on Foxtel include: The Kettering Incident, Wentworth, A Place to Call Home, Secret City and they’re currently in production on a remake for television of the classic feature film Picnic at Hanging Rock.

CAUSEWAY FILMS – Production Company- Pitching Closed

Producers – Sam Jennings and Kristina Ceyton

Pitching Friday 28 July 12.30- 1.30pm

Causeway are seeking feature drama projects that are:

  • emotionally powerful
  • sophisticated storytelling
  • have something to say
  • smart use of genre & level of prestige
  • not so interested in straight / unelevated genre
  • not so interested in small dramas

See their website regarding previous shows: https://www.causewayfilms.com.au

ABC iview – Australian Online Platform- Pitching Closed

Manager of ABC iview – Sally O’Donoghue

Pitching Saturday 29 July 11-12.30pm

As Manager of ABC iview, Sally leads the product development and editorial direction of Australia’s leading free-to-air internet TV service. iview attracts 2.1m monthly users, and records more than 50 million program plays each month.

ABC TV is commissioning scripted and factual ‘iview originals’ that:

  • Have particular appeal among people 18-34
  • Are bold and experimental in their story-telling and production approach
  • Challenge and/or humour the viewer, and demand to be shared with others
  • Have potential to be re-cut for social media and linear TV
  • Can tap into an existing following / fan-

iview attracts 2.1m monthly users, and records more than 50 million program plays each month.

Sally works in collaboration with ABC TV’s commissioning and programming teams, with a particular focus on commissioning digital-first and digital-exclusive programs for distribution via iview. ABC’s digital-first programs seek to tell original Australian stories that reflect the nation’s diversity and engage younger audiences, while developing new, local, talent and voices.

ROADSHOW – Australian Distributor- Pitching Closed

Head of Production – Seph McKenna

Pitching Saturday 29 July 11.45- 1.15pm

Seph is a 10-year veteran of the Australian-owned major distributor, Roadshow Films. He holds the role of head of Australian production and is interested in outstanding Australian stories with broad commercial appeal. Roadshow is a market leader on selling Australian films to Australian audiences as judged by their long history in the local market. Roadshow is interested in family feature films in particular and are actively seeking projects that are uniquely Australian and appeal to 50+ Audiences i.e: The Daughter, Beautiful Kate or are films Grandparents would take their Grandkids to i.e: Red Dog, Paper Planes, Oddball.

For more information on Roadshow http://villageroadshow.com.au/our-businesses/film-distribution#/

EPIC FILMS – Production Company- Pitching Closed

Producer – Kirsty Stark

Pitching Saturday 29 July 12.30- 1.45pm

Epic are open to pitches for innovative narrative and documentary projects across feature film, television or short series formats. Projects should have a strong story arc and compelling characters, and you should have a good idea of their potential audience.

Check out their website here: http://www.epicfilms.com.au

ARCADIA – Australian Feature Film Distributor- Pitching Closed

Head of Production – Lisa Shaunessy

Pitching Saturday 29 July 2- 3.30pm

Experienced producers Lisa Shaunessy Killing Ground and Leonie Mansfield Kick-Ass 2, recently formed a new venture, Arcadia. The company was created with the aim to produce projects with 80 per cent female writers, directors and protagonists. They work alongside former international sales agent Alexandra Burke (formerly with Danish distributor Level K), who runs Arcadia’s distribution arm.

Arcadia’s website has some information on both the production and distribution slate – the films they are solely distributing are First Girl I Loved and Wet Woman in the Windwww.thisisarcadia.com

POZIBLE – Online Platform-Pitching Closed

Founder and CEO – Alan Crabbe

Pitching Saturday 29 July 2- 3.30pm

Alan introduced Crowdfunding to Australia and Asia pacific. The Pozible platform was developed to help people build audiences, raise capital and get creative and social ideas off the ground. The site has hosted thousands of projects in Australia alone and distributed over $55 million to creative individuals, groups and organisations since it launched in 2010.

Pitch your project to Alan to see if it would work on Pozible and get feedback on how to strengthen it for a crowd-funding campaign. Ideally suited to web-series, shorts and low budget content that:

– has a team in place

– has a plan

– knows who their audience is

Check out their website here: https://pozible.com