Pete Monaghan


Pete is a South Australian-based writer and comedian.

A multi-talented ex-anthropologist, he wrote music for and performed in Rolf de Heer’s iconic filmĀ ‘Bad Boy Bubby’.

Pete is a content creator and script writer for original features, TV concepts, animation and podcasts. His writing skills also include FM Breakfast Radio, TVC copywriting, solo comedy shows, and more improv songs than you can poke a stick at.

He has exceptional problem-solving abilities, story nous, and high creative output.

Pete seamlessly turns his hand to any format orĀ genre/genre-mix, and has a direct line to ‘left field’ which gives his ideas an impish, zany edge.

Pete and Ruth Estelle established Word Ninjas in 2013 and many of their projects are highlighted on their website They have animation and podcast content pushing forward as well as commissioned work with local and interstate producers.

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