Paul Walton

Online Producer

Paul Walton started life in the UK as a child actor but soon realised just turning up wasn’t enough, you had to have acting talent too! With this in mind, Paul moved to the other side of the camera and found his true calling – seeing the potential in ideas and working with talent to bring their projects to life.
Paul is a passionate producer, loves creative people, and relishes the chance to challenge traditional creative parameters. He has a large list of credits that span over thirty years working in feature films, sketch comedy, television drama, narrative TV comedy, light entertainment, live television and news. Paul has a keen eye for discovering remarkable talent and ideas. It is this journey of discovery which stimulates his desire to push boundaries and challenge the status quo in order to embrace the rapidly evolving and disruptive current creative boom.
In Australia, Paul is best known for his work at Princess Pictures, where he was a partner and producer for a number of years. Paul’s relationship with Princess started on their debut feature film I Love You Too and his wide ranging Princess credits include It’s A Date seasons 1 & 2, Open Slather, The Divorce, I Love You Too, The Slot, Superwog Season 1, Koala Man, The Drop Off, Wine and Stand Up @ Bella Union. In his time at Princess, Paul built a reputation for working with online comedy creators, clocking up over 100 million views across a number of original videos.
Paul recently left Princess Pictures to set up 720 Creative with fellow producer Karla Burt, a home for creative talent and remarkable ideas. Paul recently produced and directed Tanya Hennessey Gets a Real Job for IGTV and Executive produced Strait To The Plate for Lone Star productions, cementing a strong working relationship with the exciting FNQ based production company.
Paul’s wider commitment to the industry goes beyond just making shows. He is an independent mentor for emerging creators, actors and producers in Australia and around the globe.
His previously held position on the board of Media Ring and work with disability production company A2K Media illustrates Paul’s commitment to diversity equity and fairness across all levels of the media industry.

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