Marty Pepper

KOJO - Executive Director, Post Production/Visual Effects

Marty Pepper is the Executive Director of Post at KOJO and one of Australia’s leading and most experienced creatives in the film and TV industry.

Once described as the “Swiss Army Knife” of Post, Marty is a uniquely skilled VFX Supervisor, Flame Artist, Picture Editor and DI Colourist.

Marty has delivered globally recognised content for award-winning creative agencies, renowned Australian filmmakers and major Hollywood studios.

His most recent credits include Hotel Mumbai (dir: Anthony Maras) , The Nightingale (dir: Jennifer Kent), Animals (dir: Sophie Hyde), Top End Wedding (dir: Wayne Blair) and I Am Mother (dir: Grant Sputore). The last four projects mentioned were included in the 2019 Sundance Film Festival programme.

Marty’s 35 years of experience, knowledge and connections have empowered KOJO with the ability to take on some truly remarkable work.

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