Ester Coleman Hawkins

Media Mentors Australia - Co-Founder

I’m a smart, creative and innovative producer with a wealth of world wide programming experience. From the award-winning Revolution School for ABC 1 to the Logie-nominated Last Chance Saloon, my goal is to bring intimate stories to life with insight and humour.

I’m also a long-standing, and enthusiastic, veteran of development. I thrive with the challenge of turning an exciting idea into a successful TV series. Some of my favourite success stories are Luke Warm Sex, Secrets of Our Suburbs and House of Food Obsessives.

Memorably, if somewhat peculiarly, I’ve made or developed 14 TV programs on obesity…

Alongside two decades of program making, I love coaching and mentoring people both inside and beyond the media industry. I’ve helped people kick start their projects and revamp, restart or change careers. I’m currently studying a post grad qualification in Career Development & Counselling.

I write a regular column in ScreenHub – Ask The Mentor.

I’m driven by the fact that I love working and I think, given how much of our lives most us of spend at work, that we need to do something that makes us smile.

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