Bree Whitford Smith

ModelFarm - Head of Production
Currently Head of Production at ModelFarm, Bree has worked in VFX and Animation for over 10 years across Australia and the UK.
VFX producing credits include; The Nightingale, Pine Gap, Wolf Creek series 1, BBC’s Eve series 1 and Dr Who. At UK based Axis Animation, Bree produced AAA game cut scenes and trailers, credits include; Halo Spartan Ops, Halo 5, Alien Isolation, Guild Wars 2 and Fable Legends. With experience in film/television production as well as games, Bree developed a passion for real-time technology, joining the Adelaide based ModelFarm (established by VFX veteran Shane Aherne) in 2018. Their work in architectural visualisations, tourism, retail and museum experiences placed ModelFarm as one of the nations most experienced real-time visualization studios.
ModelFarm’s primary focus is now on providing content for virtual production in virtual sets and animations.
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