The future of filmmaking is unreal!


Screenmakers Connect 2020 will take a deep dive into Virtual Production with an exclusive think tank where we’ll explore the challenges and opportunities that VP presents to the industry.

The brave new world of Virtual Production is here, as cutting edge gaming technologies such as Fortnight’s Unreal Engine are transforming the screen industry.  This breakthrough production technology from the Hollywood sets of the Mandalorian, The Lion King and James Cameron’s next Avatar are fast on their way to our shores.

Hosted by Dale Roberts from KOJO and featuring a top-notch line up of industry players who are all keen to delve into this exciting new landscape, you too can be one of the first to take the leap and start your journey of discovery into Virtual Production.

Virtual Production has fast become the most talked-about production methodology in recent times. Over the past few months, the hype has switched to turbo speed as creators, producers, studios, artists, and tech companies are combining to design the future of film making. Beyond the incredible technology, Virtual Production relies on the experience, innovation, and problem-solving skills of our crews to bring the complex and many creative and production aspects seamlessly together.

 I am very excited to host a great panel of screen industry resources as we explore the challenges, opportunities, and creative solutions Virtual Production provides now and into the future”. – Dale Roberts, Group Managing Director, KOJO

Join our panel of highly experienced screen industry players who have all begun the planning, design, and commercial modeling of the new push towards Virtual Production, as we prepare for the next generation of digital filmmaking that is set to completely transform how our productions are made.

SMC Think Tank panelists:

  • Meredith Meyer-Nichols – Bidding Producer, Rising Sun Pictures
  • Heath Ryan -Producer, Pace Pictures
  • Gena Ashwell- Producer, Dancing Road Productions
  • Dan Thorsland- Business Development Manager​, Flinders University
  • Bree Whiteford Smith – Producer, Model Farm

Be there or beware – because you don’t want to miss this!