Documentary Australia Masterclass

Established in 2008, Documentary Australia Foundation is an independent not-for- profit organisation supporting documentary filmmakers to share important stories to inspire collective and individual change across a broad range of issues. They do this by offering fiscal sponsorship and other support services (like workshops and masterclasses) to help filmmakers achieve their goals and maximise their social impact.

They know that greater access to the very best documentaries and their impact campaigns catalyse social awareness and affect change. The amplified visibility of diverse voices and powerful stories engages audiences with social issues and motivates them to act on the issues that affect society. Filmmakers are storytelling experts and, when matched with the skills of social campaigning, can devise creative paths to an audience, increase viewership, and escalate action on their issue.

Over the past few years, social impact campaigns inspired by documentaries have become far more strategic and sophisticated. Filmmakers are working with coalitions of partners from the early stages of production to plan campaigns that increase awareness, educate and influence behaviour and policy change. Social impact films often boast diverse and creative routes to audience to generate and inspire: the conscious consumer; the educator and the educated; the aspiring and genuinely responsible corporate; the for-purpose people; the politically motivated; and the independent journalism devotees.

Recent advances in social impact documentary campaigning in Australia have heightened the expectations of funders. At Documentary Australia, our Board approves about 100 social impact documentaries each year, giving them access to our “DGR” status to enable tax deductible donations from the philanthropic community. To be successful with philanthropic funders, filmmakers need to be able to clearly communicate their intended outcomes and activities; track and report their social impact; and manage donor relationships.

This 2 hour masterclass outlines the steps filmmakers need to take to create a “case for support” around their documentary story. A case for support is what justifies why your project is worth backing. It is the why, how, and what you will do to inspire audiences to become active. It also defines what you need to make that change happen. The masterclass will give participants some background on the philanthropic sector, what sort of funding is available, motivations of philanthropic funders, and the fundraising process.

The masterclass will be held with Dr Mitzi Goldman, CEO Documentary Australia Foundation.

This session will be held in the Iris Cinema which has 36 seats so you must register below.

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